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Client CDM Advisor Services

The role of Client CDM Advisor is a role that has not been identified within the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, but it is one that helps Clients to fulfill their regulatory responsibilities on construction projects. This role comprises of a host of activities ranging from basic advice to assist with the planning and phasing of construction activities, project notification, liaising with Principal Designers to ensure that they are undertaking their duties, performance monitoring of site based activities…..the list goes on.

RLF believes that the role of Client CDM Advisor is more than a monitoring role reporting on principal contractor performance, and that real value can be added by the early engagement of this role on a construction project. In addition to helping clients identify and select competent designers and contractors, we can also help to develop employers’ requirements, provide guidance on scopes of service and assist with identifying monitoring arrangements that can be used throughout the lifecycle of the project.

We have a team of health and safety and CDM professionals who support with the delivery of this service. We have worked on a number of larger projects with very positive feedback and excellent results.