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Posted: 10th June
By: rlf

Lauren Lemcke

Job Title: Assistant Quantity Surveyor 

Office Location: Brighton

What do you enjoy most about working at RLF?

My colleagues are always supportive of me, making RLF a great company to work for. I really enjoy the variety of projects I am currently involved in, and having such a good mentor has allowed me to understand all the stages of a project, from concept to completion.

Biggest achievement at RLF?

Despite being relatively new to RLF and coming from a non-cognate background, I would say my biggest achievement is picking up all the new skills I have learnt in a short time period. Being able to progress and gain responsibility within projects, along with completing a masters in my own time is something I am proud of.

Tell us about your favourite RLF project that you are currently working on or have worked on?

57 Tongdean Avenue, Hove. This high-end residential house has faced a vast amount of challenges associated with design changes, however I have found these challenges interesting to learn from. I am looking forward to the marble wall finishes being installed! 

Favourite building or piece of architecture?

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona