Business Continuity Update: Covid-19

Business Continuity
RLF can offer you assurance that robust Covid-19 business continuity measures are in place across our organisation, enabling us to continue to offer and deliver the full range of our professional services, whilst prioritising the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and industry colleagues.

If we can be of any assistance to you in planning your safe return to site or the office as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, please get in touch and we will be happy to share our insights and ideas.

Transition to Home Working
The first phase of our business continuity plan was the transition to home working, in accordance with directives issued by both the UK and Scottish Governments and implemented following a series of comprehensive home working resilience trials. These trials were hugely successful and it has enabled our staff to work safely and effectively from home, and validated the IT investment decisions made by the company in recent years (all staff have company laptops, complete with VPN facilities which provides secure and reliable access to our corporate network, applications and software from any remote location with an internet connection).

All offices are now temporarily closed and will only reopen when government restrictions are withdrawn and only when it is safe to do so, although our telephone lines remain active and all incoming calls continue to be answered and dealt with in the normal fashion.

Ongoing Service Delivery
Since the implementation of home working, our pre-contract service delivery across most disciplines has remained largely unaffected due to our staff having full and unrestricted access to our professional services software tools, and by our adoption of Microsoft Teams and Skype video conferencing facilities.

Our post-contract service delivery has mainly been affected by either the closure of construction sites, lockdown restrictions, or limitations due to social or physical distancing, although we continue to provide our services on all projects, whether sites are open or closed, following local government guidelines and restrictions in relation to site visits.

Staff Wellbeing
As a responsible employer, RLF has the health and safety of its workforce as its foremost priority. At the outset of the pandemic, we prepared a series of Guidance and Briefing Notes, which included instructions detailing revised working practices and advice on how to stay safe.
We have continued to update and circulate these documents as the Covid-19 picture develops.

We have also prepared a Covid-19 Policy statement that is updated frequently to reflect the latest legislation and guidance, and have supplemented this with detailed procedures for attending sites, complete with clear instructions for preparing risk assessments prior to attending any sites.

Our recent staff survey revealed the following insights:

82% enjoy working/spending more time at home
90% would like the chance to work from home in the future
64% look forward to returning to the workplace
100% have got to grips with all the technology associated with working from home

Our Partners and wider management teams also continue to function well and are in frequent dialogue with staff during the normal course of the working day, offering direction, advice and support whenever necessary. Although the extent and level of this type of remote working was initially relatively unfamiliar, our well-established quality and communication protocols continue to be observed during this period of remote working.

We hope that all our clients and industry colleagues, together with their families, remain safe and well at this time.

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