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Case Study: Plumpton Racecourse

Project/Client name: Plumpton Racecourse
Sector: Sports & Leisure
Expertise: Cost consulting from inception and master planning through to completion


The stature and quality of the new facilities provided at Plumpton Racecourse have won acclaim from all the Plumpton racegoers and key clientele.

Project Overview

As one of the few remaining independently owned racecourses in the UK, Plumpton had the ambitious vision to grow its stature in the racing world. This project was the first of an enthusiastic masterplan looking to build on the current reputation and attraction of this rural racecourse.

A key challenge for the team was delivery of the project during the closed season to ensure there was no impact on the opening race of the new season. MGAC | RLF provided full cost consultancy services and prepared detailed option appraisals covering a variety of refurbishment options.

The owners and trainers bar has been transformed from an uninviting and dated small space to a large, open luxurious area. The ground floor of the Southdown Grandstand has been completely refurbished to provide a new larger Southdown Bar and office space which has allowed Plumpton to expand its workforce.

Our Contribution

Inception and Feasibility decision support: Assessing scope of works required based on results of surveys and providing detailed cost advice on various options to ensure budget certainty. Preparing initial budget estimates for feasibility proposals. Preparing an overall project cost forecast and cash flow projection to allow Plumpton’s CEO to present the scheme proposal to the Board of Directors.

Influencing the design process: MGAC | RLF worked closely with the Design Team to assess the scope of works required and provided detailed cost advice on a wide range of options to ensure budget certainty and that design proposals met the Client’s brief. MGAC | RLF also prepared initial budget estimates which included providing an overall project cost and cash flow projections which were updated at each RIBA stage. MGAC | RLF continually monitored all cost implications to ensure that Plumpton Racecourse achieved best value for money by means of regular cost plan updates, periodic cost reports and updated cash flow forecasts.

Managing costs and managing change control: Throughout the construction phase of the project there were several client variations. In order to ensure that the project remained on programme and within budget, MGAC | RLF worked closely with the design team and the contractor to ensure that all variations were promptly instructed and costs agreed, enabling client sign-off to be achieved without disrupting the tight construction programme. To facilitate this, MGAC | RLF instigated regular commercial meetings with the Principal Contractor to track, verify and confirm the costs for each change.

Developing the programme: MGAC | RLF  worked closely with Plumpton Racecourse from day one to ensure that the procurement was carried out and completed in time for the refurbishment works to be undertaken during the short jump off-season, to avoid any impact on the new season.


“Plumpton Racecourse used MGAC | RLF  for a large renovation project in the summer of 2018. Despite some really tight timing schedules, an unusual working collaboration between architects, builders and site team, alongside some very trying circumstances at the racecourse, MGAC | RLF helped us deliver a project that has won acclaim from all our racegoers and key clientele in the Owners & Trainers bar this season. Furthermore, assistance on our master plan and where the 5-year plan is going is invaluable and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Dan Thompson Chief Executive Officer, Plumpton Racecourse


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