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Aylesbury Estate, London

Client Name: Notting Hill Housing Trust

Role: Principal Designer and CDM


RLF has been working with Notting Hill Housing and the local authority under both client advisory CDM and Principal Designer roles on the large zone two redevelopments of Aylesbury Estate, London.

After a number of years of consultation and planning above ground, demolition has now commenced on the first development site.

This first phase of works will see the demolition of eight 70s style housing and high-rise blocks being decommissioned and demolished over a period of two years, making way for the construction of around 830 homes which are planned to take six years to complete.

RLF has also been appointed as Principal Designer on another phase of the Aylesbury Estate Masterplan, Plot 18.

The project will create a new public library, health and early years’ facilities plus commercial space, as well as more than 120 new homes for rent. Additionally, a new civic square has been designed to serve as a central hub for the neighbourhood, with improved public space.

Work is due to commence early in 2020.