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Posted: 15th September
By: rlf

Property advice: how to avoid being gazumped

The property market has posted a strong and confident recovery in the past year. Prices have reached their pre-crisis levels and the economy looks good.

All in all, good times are back in the housing market. Or are they?

Sure, demand has returned. But so has the distasteful practice of Gazumping. Only this time, it is more aggressive than ever.

What Is Gazumping?

'Gazumping' is when a seller accepts an of...

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Posted: 10th September
By: rlf

Supporting Charitable Organisations

RLF recognise that it is important to support charitable organisations, not everyone is as fortunate as us and as we have a team of 130+ members of staff we believe that we can really make a difference – and we enjoy doing so.

RLF donate cash to a variety of causes including:-

Children in Need
Jeans for Jeans Day
Turn Blue
Race for Life
Royal British Legion
The Lennox Trust (Children’s Canc...