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Posted: 9th September
By: rlf

"St Wilfrid’s Hospice in Eastbourne has been serving the community from a modified Victorian family home for the past 27 years.  Demand for our specialist palliative care has been constantly growing and our current facilities are no longer capable of meeting demand. Our research suggested that the early appointment of a competent Project Manager was one of the keys to a successful capital project.  We appointed Robinson Low Francis (RLF) before we had found a site.  Their systematic approach and professional competence has enabled the early identification of risks and the prompt resolution of problems. They have guided the project and given it momentum and as a result we expect to submit a planning application in spring 2010.  This project has been envisioned for over a decade and reserves carefully set aside to prime the project, we cannot afford to make a mistake.   The appointment of the Project Manager from RLF at the outset has already proved to be a wise choice."

Kara Bishop, Chief Executive, St Wilfrids Hospice

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Posted: 8th September
By: rlf

Capital allowances hot topics

Below, Martin Dye, who heads up RLF’s capital allowances and property taxation service, looks at three recent trends in the way we are adding value to our clients:


150% relief for cleaning up contaminated land and buildings
Capital allowances on residential schemes, and
The impact of the new capital allowances rules for acquisitions post April 2014


With the construction and real es...